For the past six weeks we’ve been busy keeping tabs on 20 different Fan Pages from different bands and brands. Through this research, we hoped to find out what and when drives strong and long-term engagement and why it does so.  We’re still crunching all the numbers and putting together all our fancy graphs, but our fantastic intern, Katie Kernoodle, put together a case study of the most impressive artist in our study. As a teaser, we’re giving you this infographic and a break down from Katie as to why this artist was better than all the rest. Enjoy!

“In our study of musicians, which drew from a wide range of genres and popularity levels, an up-and-coming DJ from Los Angeles stood out with consistently strong rates of engagement.

Electronic producer Dillon Francis dominated our study with engagement rates as high as 25.48%, meaning a full quarter of those that receive his posts are liking, commenting, or sharing.  To put this in perspective, the average musician engagement rate in our study, including Dillon Francis, 3.13%.  Francis alone had an average engagement rate 7x higher than the total average of the other nine musicians together. The infographic included below outlines my perspective on why his approach to Facebook is so successful and how it can be applied generally.”


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