Handle Your Hype

Cheryl B. Engelhardt, an independent musician and composer who’s killing it with all things indie, happens to be a huge dork with email and will give you a great marketing upgrade. (It’s okay, she calls herself a dork.) She is so good at it that with just a small list (under 2k fans) she was able to raise $20,000+… twice… for her two most recent records, perform dozens of house concerts, and even received airline miles that her fans weren’t using so she could fly her band to a Swiss festival.

Not only is Cheryl the guest for the November CYBER PR LAB – Level Up Your E-mail Game, she and Ariel are doing a free live training to give you the marketing upgrade that you need. It’s called Handle Your Hype (3 steps to a marketing upgrade). We’ll cover the key things you can do right now to make your social media, streaming sites, and email list work for you, not against you.
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There will be a replay if you can’t make it. But if you CAN, stick around to the end where you’ll be part of our live Q&A!

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