CROWDSTART Ariel’s Best Selling Book is now a MASTERCLASS!

In LAB 9 I’ll walk you through all the steps you need to prepare, launch and succeed at a crowdfunding campaign.

The game changer that allowed me to profoundly change the course of my business my crowdfunding campaign which raised over $60,000.

I already had a successful business, but it was the extra cash that helped me put strategies into place and create products that made a massive impact.

In this LAB I will break down everything you need to know to succeed with a crowdfunding campaign.

Derek Sivers

I culled EVERYTHING I’ve learned about running my successful crowdfunding campaign and coaching others do the same into my book, CROWDSTART, which hit #1 on three Amazon bestseller lists – Music, Entrepreneurship and Investing.

And NOW I am turning the highlights into a LAB.

If you have ever wanted to launch a crowdfunding campaign (or maybe you already tried and failed), but you are feeling hesitant because it seems a bit too daunting or overwhelming  I’m here to help you succeed. – Ariel Hyatt

I will show you examples of campaigns that worked and we will hear from some artists who have completed successful campaigns about what to focus on and what to avoid.

Liz Scully

What You’ll Get in This LAB: CROWDSTART, The Masterclass

  • 25 Action Sheets

  • 1-on-1 Q&A and coaching with Ariel plus support throughout the whole 3-week Masterclass

  •  All the assets you will need for your campaign Including

    • The entire timeline for your campaign
    • Sample emails to send to your list

    • Social Media Posting Guide

    • A day-by-day action plan for your entire crowdfunding campaign

    • All emails  templates created for you – just edit and launch

    • Your one-to-two-hours-per-day cheat sheet – what to do every day to keep the momentum going

The 3 Parts of CROWDSTART LAB 9 Are:

Part 1 – No Crowd, No Crowdfunding

45 Minute Video class 

Part 2 – Setting Up Your Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

45 Minute Video class 

Part 3 – Your Complete Crowdstart Roadmap – What To Do Every Single Day Of Your Campaign

45 Minute Video class PLUS 45 Minutes of Q&A and case studies

We’re having a FLASH SALE! From now until Monday, LAB 9 is only $39! Click the image below to reserve your spot.

Cyber PR LAB 9 - Crowdstart

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