On Tuesday, Amazon released a statement introducing a new app they launched. Introducing Amp, a social audio/radio app. Amp is Amazon’s take on Clubhouse, a popular social audio app. Amazon’s Amp is here to break barriers and give creators something that’s never been done before. Anyone can be a host and anyone can be a DJ in this new app.

What Is Amp?

To begin, let’s break down what this app entails. Amazon’s Amp is here to allow users to produce their own live audio shows of music and controversy. Hosts are given capabilities that are between radio DJs and hosts for other apps like Clubhouse. With a library full of millions of songs contracted to Amazon by the majors and Indies, Amp is here for all types of creators. You can create a show, call in, or listen to songs within a community on Amp.

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Hosting on Amp

As a host, you can do a number of things. You have complete access to the library of music Amp has stored and you can play those songs in whichever order you prefer. In addition, hosts can take live callers in between songs. Creatives who become hosts can do anything they set their heart to. This includes: being a radio DJ, program a playlist, talk to listeners, and chat with call-in guests. Along with those amazing features, creators can also pre-plan and schedule their shows, alert listeners to upcoming shows, control who speaks, and so much more.

Listening on Amp

Not ready to be a host? No worries! Amp has plenty of features for listeners as well. There are plenty of tools on Amp that allow listeners to find shows and hosts that are interesting at a faster rate. Listeners can also request to speak on a show where the host can accept or decline them to speak. Lastly, there is also a built-in discovery and notifications feature. This feature allows listeners to find and follow creators easily as well as learn about upcoming shows.

A Few More Things to Note…

While Amp is breaking many barriers, they are still currently in Beta mode. This means that Amazon is still working on and tweaking the app to best benefit creators and listeners. Currently, this Beta version is only available by invite, in the U.S., and through the App Store. However, anyone can download the app and be placed on a waiting listen, join their mailing list, or follow along on social media platforms to stay up to date on news.

At the moment, Amp is free to use and download, the only requirement being you have an Amazon account (and if you don’t, it’s quick and easy to make one). Amazon is categorizing this app as a radio-style service rather than a live-chat service, therefore, there is also a 5 person cap on callers. Amazon is also launching a series of celebrity hosts on Amp starting with Nicki Minaj and her show “Queen Radio”. The schedule of famous artists and speakers comes at the launch of the app in order to showcase its amazing abilities.

One of the best features Amp already has in place is moderation. Because this is a social app, there has to be some sort of moderation in place in order for conflicts and violations to be dealt with. Amp has comprehensive community guidelines everyone must read before using the app. Furthermore, there is a moderation team that review reports and act on violations of policies 24/7 on the app. This is a feature many hosts and listeners appreciate. It is very satisfying to see an app that already has this feature integrated in the app prior to release.

Final Thoughts

Amp is here to revolutionize the live chat realm. People can now host their own shows with no licensing deals to negotiate and can reach audiences by starting a show right from their phone. We are excited to see what more Amp will bring post-Beta mode. Do you already have access to Amp? Be sure to give your thoughts and opinions on it in the comments!

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