Yesterday, I guest lectured at NYU for a group of Music Business students. One of them asked me an excellent question:

Is there a formula for success in today’s music business?

I told him that if I had the answer I’d be a lot richer! But then I stopped to think about it. Artists that have success are the ones who know what they want. They have a clear vision of what they see for themselves, and that vision is different for everyone. They may not even know how exactly they are going to get there but there are 4 key elements.

  1. Vision
  2. Willingness to learn
  3. Hard work (never give up)
  4. Gratitude

One of the artists in my Cyber PR family who posseses these 4 key factors is Michael Lynche. When I sat down and interviewed Mike over a year ago, he was on a steep learning curve with us as he was getting to know music bloggers, podcasters and Internet radio station DJs he had never heard of before. The things that stand out for me in this clip are

Willingness to learn – He was game to try something he had not yet tried and he was a great student.

Gratitude – And he gave us and others along his journey praise some great accolades (thanks Mike)

Vision – But what really stands out for me is the fact that his goal was to get his music out in a “mass fashion” and get some deals going in order to “reach out to more fans out there…” (it’s right there at minute 3:25)

Hard Work – Well – Big Mike you DID it – it doesn’t get more “mass fashion” than American Idol my dear and we are so excited to watch you on your journey!

I know that no matter what happens you have the propensity to shine as an artist for life!