Have you ever been to a music conference or to a networking event and observed that artist or producer who treats everyone they meet like a “mark?” That’s the same person who is blasting self-promotion on Facebook, I guarantee you. They gun up to you and are immediately shoving a CD in your face or talking about themselves before you even know their name. Have you ever been to a networking event and met the guy who is shoving a card in your face before you even find out whet he does? Have you ever been to a party and met the guy who starts endlessly talking about something you are not interested in at all?

This happened on the street the other day: I was leaving a restaurant after a dinner with friends and I was looking for a cab. I passed a man, who had clearly had one too many cocktails and he asked me if I wanted to have a drink, loudly from halfway down the street. Ignoring him, I turned the corner and he followed me. Him: “Where are you going?” Me: “Home” Him: “Why? It’s early, you should come have a drink with me.” Me: “No I’m going home thanks for the offer.” (cold stare) (At this point on social media this would be an ‘unfollow’ or a block) Him: “But you should have a drink with me.” (too drunk to follow social cues) Then he crossed a line; he reached out and tried to grab me. and I REACTED. (this would be a block or a spam report) I raised my voice: “Don’t touch me.” It was my intention to alert other people in case this guy got more aggressive, and I needed help, others would notice and have my back (This on social media would be a negative comment left on a blog) He turned and walked away. It was an unpleasant exchange but over in less than a minute. Why did I just share this ? Because, many of you are acting like the inappropriate guy on the street on Facebook & Twitter without meaning to. The term “media” is inherently confusing to creative minds who are approaching Facebook & Twitter as if they were traditional publicists blasting out press releases and “news” and “alerts” on platforms that are not designed to embrace this type of messaging. I wish it was called Social Engagement or Social Conversation, instead. Think of it in these terms you will succeed at it. Artists ask me all of the time: Will you get me on Social Media? Well, yes I can invite you to a great party, where I will know lots of people who will like you and they will want to get to know you… But, I can’t have every single conversation for you while we are at that party, that’s up to you make an impression at a party, at work, or even at home with your spouse. Any communications expert will tell you: By listening first and talking second Online keep this in mind: The key differentiator between traditional media and social media is: YOU. Traditional media works like this: You get reviewed in a newspaper or in a magazine, or played on the radio and it’s broadcast out into the world. People read the magazine or hear a song on the radio. It’s ONE WAY or PASSIVE. Social media, is completely different. It’s a TWO WAY or INTERACTIVE street. You are not only invited to participate, but also encouraged to do so. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and blogs facilitate easy participation, which is completely transparent and you (and all who are connected) can see, react and participate with you.


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