Earlier this month, Twitter announced their new Story feature. They are called Twitter Fleets. Fleets are Twitter’s take on a “Story”. It works much like Instagram’s Story feature.

What Can You Share


You can share other people’s posts as Twitter Fleets. This is a lot like a Retweet. You can do this by clicking the share button on the bottom right corner of any tweet and then clicking “Share in a Fleet.”

twitter fleets


Like any Story feature, you can snap a photo or video in real time and share it. Just click “Add” under your profile photo in the top right. corner of the app. Then scroll to the “CAPTURE” option and it will open your camera.

Like all other Story features, they last for 24 hours. Twitter claims this feature helps people feel more comfortable to share and be vulnerable on their platform.

What Can You Add

There are both text and emoji features available to add on top of your fleet. Features like Live and Stickers will be available soon. You can also create a Twitter Fleet that is just text without any photo.

Where Do Fleets Appear

They appear at the top of your feed, same as Instagram and Facebook stories. Our advice is to use this feature the same way you would use an Instagram story. Happy Fleeting!


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