Two of our favorite companies for musicians web hosting are joining forces  – HostBaby has announced that they are partnering with Bandzoogle and will begin moving all of their sites to the Bandzoogle platform!

This month, HostBaby will begin to move some of their sites over to Bandzoogle. If this is where your website lives – there is nothing to worry about. The transition will be automatic and seamless. They are starting the migration in small, slow batches.

Bandzoogle is the #1 website design platform for musicians and one we have been advising artists to use for many years. They work hard to make sure they are offering the best tools for artists. From newsletters, to social media links to their Bandsintown Tour Widget integration, all bases are covered. All HostBaby domain registrations and email services will be integrated to  Bandzoogle. Starting at this slow pace allows them to make sure that the migration is flawless before the full switch.

“Bandzoogle shares our focus on artists, with tools that help them wherever they are in their careers,” explains Tracy Maddux, CEO of AVL/CD Baby. “They have built the best hosting product for indie musicians, and they back it up with amazing customer service. Like us, they keep ahead of a fast-changing business and think hard about what tools will best support artists’ dreams and goals. I can’t think of a better partner in web hosting, and I’m glad we finally get to work more closely together to promote indie music as a whole.” – HostBaby

HostBaby users will notice very little change as the partners work closely to migrate the sites slowly and seamlessly. They’ll keep the same domain, inbox, and other assets, as well as all hosting time purchased and all deals with CD Baby. They will also have the same high level of customer service and responsiveness they have grown accustomed to with HostBaby and CD Baby. “We aim to make this move so effortless and easy for users, they barely notice,” notes Kevin Breuner, VP of Marketing at CD Baby.

In addition, users will discover a wide range of new, exciting tools for promoting their music and engaging their fans. These include highly customizable mobile-friendly templates, direct-to-fan eCommerce to sell music, merch, and tickets, as well as run crowdfunding and fan subscriptions, and integrations with popular platforms like Bandsintown and YouTube. As the transition occurs, HostBaby will not accept new sign ups.

If you are a HostBaby member and have a prepaid balance, it will automatically transfer to Bandzoogle. They will be honoring all of HostBaby’s current deals and agreements.

CD Baby distribution coupon codes will not be going anywhere. Migrated HostBaby users will be given unlimited CD Baby Standard single and album submissions.

And don’t worry, CD Baby will still be doing what they do best – distributing music.

Have more questions? If you are moving from Hostbaby to Bandzoogle they have put together a great FAQs Page which will help you get acquainted and off on the right foot!

HostBaby has halted their sign ups and are not accepting new accounts. But! You can click here to sign up for Bandzoogle through our partner link (15% off ;]) and immediately start using all of their wonderful tools.

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And if designing a whole new website ain’t your thing we are here to help!

Are you needing to update  your website for the new year?

We’ve been working with both HostBaby and Bandzoogle for years and can help you seamlessly create a new site, or spruce up a site that needs love – working under tight deadlines is our specialty!

Kayla, our in-house graphic designer and website expert, is available to discuss your website and needs. A full overview of how we build musician websites and some examples can be found here.

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