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I’d like to share with you part 1 of my popular 3-part Mini-Masterclass video series with you – It’s all about Facebook!

I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from those who have already seen the video, and I hope you get a few Ah-has from it as well.

In this Facebook video you will learn:

  • The answer to the number one question I get asked about Facebook (every time)
  • How to get your fans from you personal page over to your Fan Page
  • How to get more ‘likes’ on your page
  • The best strategies for making the ever-changing Facebook a powerful fan-engagement machine and a showcase for your music, list building and videos.
  • In 2015 and beyond it is necessary to allocate a budget for Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts in order for your posts to be seen. So – don’t forget to experiment with Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts in 2015 and beyond. Also, I say 1 post a day but you can drop it down to 3-4X a week.

For the next two weeks I will be sharing with you 2 more Mini-Masterclass videos on Twitter and Pinterest so be sure to watch for those!