Facebook Advertising Webinar

Michael Shoup of 12 South Marketing, who is teaching Cyber PR LAB 2: The Artist’s Selling System, will teach you 5 Steps to Simplify Your Life and answer the one question artists, songwriters, and producers should ask before starting Facebook advertising.
“Over a decade ago, I left college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. Untested and honestly, quite naive, I spent the next three years ineffectively touring as an artist, gigging myself into thousands of dollars of high-interest credit card debt. Embarrassed and defeated I stopped writing, I stopped playing music, and I took the first job I could get which, metaphorically appropriate, was designing gravestones… but that’s another story. Fast forward to today: I no longer design gravestones. I’ve learned how to balance my checkbook. I’ve self-funded numerous recording projects, toured the nation independently and with acts like the Stone Temple Pilots, and helped countless other artists understand that the words “band” and “business plan” aren’t contradictions. How did I turn it around? With 5 steps that will simplify your life.”
– Michael Shoup, Songwriter & CEO & 12South Marketing

Facebook Advertising Webinar

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