Cyber PR LAB 7: Musician Brand Mastery

with Bobby Owsinski

Cyber PR LAB 7 has been fully updated for 2020 and is available now to binge!

Combining Bobby’s music and recording experience along with an easy to understand writing style, Bobby has become one of the best selling authors in the music recording industry. This three week course will lead you in establishing and better understanding your brand and it’s meaning. You will be given actionable steps in establishing your brand that you can complete right now. This course will also outline the photos and logos of branding and where to apply them.

In Cyber PR LAB 7, you will get:

What branding really means and how it applies to you and your music

How to discover what your brand is

The 4 easy steps that you can take right now to establish your brand

What You’ll Learn


  • The meaning of “Brand” and how it applies to you and your music
  • ​How branding is an important part of your success (whether you know it or not)
  • Learning from other brands and applying those characters to yours


  • The elements of branding that especially apply to you and your music
  • Discovering your brand
  • The 4 simple steps you can take to establish your brand right now


  • The symbols of a brand – photos and logos
  • The elements of a great brand photo and how to get them in your next one
  • Where to apply your branding

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