Cyber PR LAB 5: Mobilizing Your Fan Army

with Eli Lev

Cyber PR LAB 5 has been fully updated for 2020 and is available now to binge!

Eli Lev is a rare breed of artist. I started working with him in June if 2017 and immediately I could tell he was going to go very far. And he has. We have worked together to identify what is missing from all the musician training out there.

“What good is all the PR and hype around building your social media presence. The problem is if an artist doesn’t have a clue what their message is or what they want to do with it all there will be a disconnect.” – Eli Lev

In Cyber PR LAB 5, you will get:

REAL advice from a REAL musician

An inside look at the content you need to be creating to turn your subscribers into ravishing superfans

A roadmap to how Eli got over 100 patreons

What You’ll Learn


  • Define your sound and style and leadership personality
  • ​Use your current contact list to create excitement and community
  • ​Create a uniform branding across all platforms to convey a message


  • Use regular content creation that conveys your message
  • Connect with your growing fanbase personally​
  • Use automation to keep track of all your new fans


  • Setting up income streams (Patreon / Crowdfunding / Clickfunnels / Shows)​
  • Maintaining your relationships and using surveys and email blasts
  • Create life-long fans that will support you throughout your music career

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