Cyber PR LABS is a series of focused Master Classes where you can learn from industry experts including, but not limited to, booking agents, full-time independent artists, proven marketing agency owners, self-made music entrepreneurs, and masterful strategists.

These music marketing labs were built specifically for you – the artist.

To share our love with you this Valentine’s Day, 3 of our most popular Cyber PR LABS are ON SALE NOW!



Cyber PR LAB 1 – Musician’s Publicity Masterclass with Ariel Hyatt

This is LAB 1 of a 12-class series designed to powerfully transform your music career. Ariel has never before taught a Music Publicity Master Class. In this course, she breaks down everything you need to know to effectively get publicity for your music.


cyber pr lab 9

Cyber PR LAB 9 – CROWDSTART with Ariel Hyatt

The game changer that allowed Ariel to profoundly change the course of her business was raising money — specifically, a crowdfunding campaign which raised over $60,000.

In Cyber PR LAB 9, she culled EVERYTHING she has learned about running a successful crowdfunding campaign and coaching others do the same into her book, CROWDSTART, which hit #1 on three Amazon bestseller lists – Music, Entrepreneurship and Investing.


cyber pr lab 11

Cyber PR LAB 11 – Spotify Masterclass with Ariel, Mike Warner, & Andrea Young

Mike Warner, author of Work Hard Playlist Hard, is an independent artist, curator and the go-to person when it comes to playlist strategies on music streaming services.

Andrea Young is the co-founder of DPG Worldwide, focusing her energies on music curation services, playlists, and working with emerging and established artists through label services.


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