These are hard times we’re living in today. With the devastating spread of COVID-19 around the world, many gigs and concerts are being cancelled or postponed. People are struggling with the loneliness and defeat of self-quarantine. #LivefromHome is a movement that we feel can help with that.

Chris Thile, host of “Live From Here”, has launched a new series in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak happening across the globe. #LivefromHome is a new digital series of artists recording covers in their homes and posting them on social media platforms.

What is #LivefromHome?

This is an amazing movement, and an incredible opportunity for artists to not only connect with their fans but help people feel a little less lost at a time like this. Music brings people together – we all know that. Music can save the world.

This is a digital stage that can welcome countless new fans, and give hope to ones that are struggling during this time. We first saw this series from the wonderful Rachael Price and it touched us immediately. Click below to check that out.


How do I join the movement?

To join this series, all you have to do is post a live cover from your home using the hashtag #LivefromHome. Make sure to challenge 3 of your favorite artists to keep spreading the message.

So get out your ring light and your microphone, set your phone up on a tripod (or makeshift one with stacked books), and put on a performance. Pick a song that you feel will resonate with how people are feeling right now.

We posted our own videos on socials: check out Kayla’s cover of “Unwritten” & Jenn’s cover of “Another Round.” We hope you are staying safe and healthy, and that you’ll join us in shedding some light in today’s darkness. Oh, and wash your hands!

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