This musicians guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to establish yourself on the two vital streaming platforms, Spotify and SoundCloud and why you need to understand the role each plays in the industry. It includes advice from music industry veterans who work with top playlisters regularly and includes:

  • Getting fans to follow you

  • Getting noticed by playlist curators

  • How to find, research & get on Spotify & SoundCloud Playlists

Spotify, just like Facebook has algorithms and rewards artists who spend time on their platform and if you want to get included on any type of playlist, start getting to know how to use it at a pro level.

All Artists Need a 360 Plan You can’t only focus on Spotify. If you don’t have a plan in place for building your audience and meaningfully engaging with them you won’t succeed on Spotify.

You also need to understand how to leverage and drive your audience from other platforms to Spotify. It’s up to YOU to get an overall marketing plan with multiple elements taken into account:

Social Media, Brand, Tone, PR, Fanbase building, live shows, releases, etc.

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