12 Days of Monetization: 4 Alternative Avenues to Monetize Your Music – Michael Shoup [DAY 10]

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Music. It's that undeniable emotionally charged energy that's been around for thousands of years.  It's sent us roaring into battle.  It's comforted us when we felt the world was closing [...]

12 Days of Monetization: 12 Ways to Make Money from YouTube – Jay Frank [DAY 6]

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This article was contributed by Jay Frank (@FutureHitDNA), author of FutureHit.DNA & Hack Your Hit, and is the owner & CEO of DigSin (@DigSin). What, you thought there was only [...]

12 Days of Monetization: What’s Really Stopping You From Making Money From Music? – Nikki Loy [DAY 2]

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This article was contributed Nikki Loy (@NikkiLoyMusic), a singer/ songwriter, entertainer and creative obsessive. What do you really believe about your music career? If your thoughts about your music were [...]