6 Steps to Start Building Your Brand on Pinterest

This article was written by Corie Kellman (@coralman808), Cyber PR®’s Director of New Artist Relations. Your goal is to be a full time musician, right? Or maybe you already quit your day job and this is all you do. Guess … Continued

Digital Media Deconstructed: Jonathan Sexton of Bandposters

For this month’s edition of our Digital Media Deconstructed series, we’ve invited a good friend, Wes Davenport, to take the reins in an interview with Bandposters co-founder, Jonathan Sexton. Wes Davenport is a marketer, manager, and publicist based in Nashville, … Continued

Digital Media Deconstructed: Tim Board of Front Range Scribbles

This month we pick up the Digital Media Deconstructed series, an interview series focused on digital media makers and their own experience with creating a consistent compelling content strategy, establishing their own signature story and developing a stronger online brand, … Continued