#SocialMediaHouse Week 5 – How To Conquer YouTube!

week five

How do I go viral on YouTube? Do I need a YouTube Channel? What types of videos should I be creating to connect with my audience? How do I make money on YouTube?

In week five I will be teaching you how to have amassing fans and attention on the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Garnering more subscribers & fans doesn’t mean you have to make new videos!

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Watch week five’s videos:

Introduction to Week 5 – YouTube

Week 5: YouTube


Download The Action Sheets Here:

Action Sheet 5: Set Up Your YouTube Channel

Action Sheet 5.1: YouTube Video Marketing Tips

Action Sheet 5.2: YouTube Case Studies


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#SocialMediaHouse Week 4 – How To Effectively Use Twitter


Who cares if I’m eating a tuna sandwich? Why do people make the stupidest updates ever and post them to Twitter? Why are all of these people following me and who are they? What the heck is an @ or an RT or a #?How do I effectively, REALLY use this platform? It makes no sense.

Many are on Twitter but there is much room for improvement. This week helps you find out how to use Twitter more effectively and find new fans to follow and engage with you.

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Watch week four’s videos:

Introduction to Week 4 – Twitter


Week 4: Twitter Mini-Masterclass


Download The Action Sheets Here:

Action Sheet 4: Key Terms to Understand on Twitter

Action Sheet 4.1: Increase Followers

Action Sheet 4.2: Twitter List

Action Sheet 4.3: Adding “Follow Me” Icons to your pages

Special Opportunity: Twitter Boost


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#SocialMediaHouse Week 3 – All You Need To Know About Facebook!

week 3


This week includes a primer (mini masterclass) from yours truly and the 2 main lessons are presented by our resident Team Cyber PR Facebook guru Andrew Salmon. Andrew is a musician and holds a masters in music marketing from Berklee. In these videos he will answer: How do I get my fans from my personal page over to my Page? Do I really need a Page AND a personal page? How do I use Groups and Facebook Advertising? How do I get more ‘likes’ on my Page? And How do I get more people to see my posts? Plus a whole lot more. Learn the best strategies apps and plug-ins for making the ever-changing Facebook a powerful fan-building machine and a showcase for your music, list building and videos.

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Watch week three’s videos:

Introduction To Week 3 – Facebook


Week 3: Facebook (Part 1)


Week 3: Facebook (Part 2)


Download The Action Sheets Here:

Action Sheet 3: Your Facebook Assessment

Action Sheet 3.1: Creating Consistent Compelling Content

Action Sheet 3.2: How to Make Your Facebook Timeline Pop

Action Sheet 3.3: Creating a Page (and Events)

Action Sheet 3.4: Facebook Groups

Action Sheet 3.5: Facebook Advertising


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#SocialMediaHouse Week 2 Is Going Strong!



As we approach the end of week two of Social Media House I’m amazed by the participation and continuous enthusiasm. Thank you to those of you who have been keeping up with the action! If you’d like to join in on the excitement please subscribe to my YouTube channel.


Watch week two’s videos:

Introduction To Week 2 – Your Website


Week 2: A Frank Talk About What You REALLY Need To Do With Your Website – For My Musicians


Week 2: Your Website 2


Download the Action Sheets here:

Action Sheet 2: Your Website Checklist

Action Sheet 2.1: How To Post A Perfect Press Kit To Your Website


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#SocialMediaHouse Launched With Over 2600 Musicians. Keep Up Here!

bitly wihtout


I am so excited to have such a wonderful and enthusiastic start to our Social Media House Course. There are over 2,600 dedicated musicians, managers, digital marketers, and other industry professionals who have signed up and the comments are rolling in!

If you missed your chance to sign up, the doors are closed, but you can still keep up with all the action on our YouTube channel.


Watch week one’s videos:

Introduction to Social Media House

Week 1: Your Social Media Strategy


Download the Action Sheets here:

Action Sheet 1: Creating Your Pitch

Action Sheet 1.1: Movie Time!

Action Sheet 1.2: Analyze Your Social Media Presence

Action Sheet 1.3: Creating Relatable Content


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Take My 9- Week Online Course Social Media House For FREE!


Today is my birthday! Each year I like to share a story or talk about something I’m grateful for.

I’m grateful for you.

You buy my books.
You read my blogs.
You are on my list and I don’t take this for granted.

Recently, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the rash of news coming out around streaming music. Apple Music is not paying indies for the first three months. Spotify is releasing unrealistic numbers about “indie” artist royalties.  Don’t even get me started on the Pandora lawsuits, and the trash talking of Tidal…

It’s not getting easier for musicians to get a leg up.

As the head of a small business that serves artists who are most affected by this, I need to do something to help.

So, I’m going to offer you my 9-Week Online Social Media House course… FOR FREE


I’m no Pollyanna, I know that marketing mastery alone won’t save you, but I do know that when a musician understands marketing, more success is achieved.

Achieved because when outside entities suddenly change the rules, your effectiveness is not diminished (hello Facebook!) No one will be able to take away access to your hard-earned fans.

The first step to being in control of your own destiny, is getting control of your audience. This is what Social Media House course is designed to do.

This course has helped hundreds of artists increase their mastery.

Social Media House usually sells for $297 But starting today you can sign up to take it for free.

However, I have 2 requests:

1. You Must Commit to Complete This Whole Course! 

I only want serious committed artists participating! I know when you get something for free you usually don’t value it. I strongly believe that when we value things, our commitment to them increases, so I’m asking for your 100% full participation.

2.  You’re Not Allowed to Take This Course Alone!! 

You must bring along at least two colleagues for this journey. They can be your bandmates, your manager, your mom, your cousin, your sister, I don’t care who it is. Do not attempt to complete Social Media House without support! Iv’e seen it too many times – artists trying to do it all alone don’t get as far as artists who have accountability partners!

Here’s how to take advantage of my offer!

Step 1: Identify 2 People (or more) who you’d like to take Social Media House with you

Step 2: Share the Course Overview & Sign Up Page with them (it explains in depth – all you need to know) – http://go.cyberpr.com/socialmediahousecourse/

Step 3: Don’t forget to sign yourself up too! :)

Social Media House 2015 starts on July 7th  

I’m looking forward to changing your relationship to marketing forever.

Your participation will be the best birthday gift that I could possibly receive.  


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