2012 Social Media & Marketing Predictions From Team Cyber PR®

A few days ago, the unstoppable Bob Baker asked me to write my predictions for marketing your music in 2012. I was included amongst a list of incredible thought leaders and it sparked a conversation here in the Cyber PR Office. So I asked my trustworthy team to share their own predictions for this coming year. Here they are:

Ariel Hyatt – President Ariel Publicity
Founder of Cyber PR®
Twitter: @CyberPR

1. Staying Positive and In Gratitude Will Help Tremendously
Before I make any music marketing trends and predictions for 2012 here’s where to start:
Remember, success in today’s quicksand like music business is HARD and takes WORK, getting into a negative, overwhelmed and angry place will directly effect your success. I’ve seen it now thousands of times in 12 countries. The artists I know who manage to stay positive and who are grateful for the little wins and for the small miracles are happier, more successful and go farther than their counterparts who let it all get the best of them.

2. Music Subscription Sites Will Continue To Takeover
Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, Deezer MOG & Slacker.
These subscription based streaming sites are great for music consumers & not so great for artists. To stay ahead of the pack smart artist markers are going to have to come up with clever ways to incorporate their music and sharing on these powerful platforms that have music consumers going gaga. Sadly this will mean less revenue from sales of music but could provide great opportunities for discovery based creative marketers


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Ariel’s Perfect Blueberry Pie Recipe

Ok – I am well aware that this is not a post about marketing your music, the state of the music business, direct-to-fan, 1,000 True Fans or Music PR

This is a post regarding my second love: Food.  I made this today and shared the process on Twitter and Facebook and many friends asked me for the recipe – so here it is…

This recipe was taught to me by my father Gordon Hyatt who is a masterful chef.

This pie will make people do things for you.

I have turned down a few marriage proposals from it (OK, they were from my best girlfriends husbands, but that’s neither here nor there…) it is easy to make and takes minutes to assemble.

So, take a break from music marketing and hit the kitchen!

Love, Ariel

Preheat oven to 350 degrees


I buy frozen pie crust (deep dish)

but if you like to make pie crust you can do that too.

Today my friend made Julia Child’s recipe (pictured)

2 1/2 – 3 cups of blueberries

Juice & zest of 1 lemon

½ cup sugar
1-2 tablespoons corn starch

zest both lemons (remember don’t grate the white of the lemon just the yellow exterior flesh)

you will use half for the filling and half for the crumb topping

juice 1 lemon and combine juice, half of the zest, sugar and cornstarch with blueberries, –  toss lightly together in bowl

transfer to pie crust (pile it in there, its ok if its higher than the edges of the pie)

Crumb Topping:
1 stick butter (frozen or very cold)
1 cup flour w/ 1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon fresh nutmeg – grated
zest from 1 lemon

dice the butter into small cubes

toss into bowl with flour, sugar, nutmeg & zest – knead this like play dough (use your hands and manipulate till it forms a crumbly consistency)

drizzle crumb topping on top of blueberries and cover them completely “sealing” the crumb topping to the edges of the pie crust.

Bake for 25 – 35 minutes until topping is golden brown

Serve with ice cream

or whipped cream (easy just whip heavy cream with a splash of vanilla and a dash of maple syrup)

become a hero to all your friends.

Get people to do things for you


It’s about gratitude… Music

My birthday is today, and my birthday always makes me feel nostalgic, so here’s a somewhat sentimental post….

Last week, I spent a lot of time alphabetizing my CD collection (well, what’s left of it after I got rid of thousands of CDs a few years back) I had them all boxed up in my basement, and I began missing them, because something about attending Bonnaroo last week, woke me up and made me want to see and touch them.

Many of my CD cases are still covered in soot from when I lost most of my home in a fire a few years back. My black fingers reminded me that I survived losing almost all of my material possessions, And it was then I discovered that I could survive anything.

So, What’s present for me now is: Music has been the main focal point of my entire adult life.  It’s the heartbeat that propelled me to work hard to make a career in this business because I wanted to be around the people who make music and without it I would have been lost.

In the past few years, my focus shifted full time to my other passions social media and marketing.  This, coupled with a failing relationship with a hyper-judgmental man who criticized virtually everything I put on the stereo, made me turn away from music and towards other outlets, where I could be unmolested.

I became unrecognizable to myself and for the first time in my life I uncharacteristically stopped listening to music.

But last week standing out in a field at Bonnaroo under a lightning storm, something shifted back into my body.  The catalyst was Buffalo Springfield’s reunion and it was visceral.  The kind of stunning that makes not only the hairs on the back of your neck stand up but also the kind of stunning that causes you to have an outer body experience…. That’s my base connection to music.

So, there I was in my basement, re-acquainting with each CD as if it were an old friend. Memories came flooding back as each CD connects me to a piece of my life.  My first job working at a record store, standing at the top of Red Rocks and looking down and crying from the beauty of the place, Sunday morning jazz on weekends with friends, late night house parties, the 5 years I worked as the PR director for The Fox Theatre in Boulder and the thousands of shows I watched from her balcony.

Then there are the CDs I worked, the thousands of bubble envelopes I mailed with thoughtfully written press kits and For Immediate Releases and 8X10 photos attached with my business card clipped to the top, now it’s an antiquated irrelevant process…  When I finished my life as a traditional publicist, my database records showed that I had mailed out over 11,500 CDs.

Then there are the CDs I will never get rid of because I was thanked in the liner notes for my contribution and hard work… And being honored for my efforts and work is a blessing.

And so,

Today, on my 40th birthday I’m in gratitude

for music

for the artists I know who make music

for my colleagues and friends who work in, for, and around music

for our community who are all trying to go forward and figure it out together.

When I look at the hundreds, if not thousands, of artists I know, it’s the one’s who have not lost sight of what they are grateful for, even in times of reinvention and disruption in this business, who stay even-keeled and move forward despite the new rules and challenges

It’s you who help me to remain committed and inspired

Thank you.


A Musician in Joplin Needs Us Now – Supply Run For A Tornado Victim 5/25/11

Hi Nashville Friends & Family,

I have a favor to ask. If I was there I would do this but I’m in New York feeling really unable to do the Maximum I can.

Vince Romanelli is an extraordinary friend and independent musician who I adore needs us.
see why I love him here http://www.youtube.com/arielpublicity#p/search/0/YJ4Y3z4SLSg

His bandmate Kenny’s parents just lost everything they had in Joplin.

Vince is leaving tomorrow evening to drive to Joplin on a supply run.

Anything you can do to contribute will be deeply appreciated.

Even if you are not in Nashville If you have anything to spare, please go here:

Here is his email.
I can try and come meet you, but if you can bring it to my house by the fairgrounds, or to Kenny and Sara’s by Kroger that’d be extremely helpful.

I WILL make a run to cool springs or Nippers Corner tomorrow, so I can try and meet as many as I can.
Much love,
Vince – [email protected]

please, please spread this around. LITERALLY… everything helps.


Thank you so much to all of you who have reached out with a desire to help Kenny’s family as they recover from the devastating tornado that hit his hometown of Joplin, Missouri. As you may have heard, his mom, dad and younger sister were trapped in their crawlspace and were freed after Kenny’s grandpa and a neighbor axed away at the rubble, working tirelessly to get them out. They walked away with nothing but we are so grateful that they were among the fortunate who WALKED AWAY. For that, we are unbelievably grateful.


We are traveling to Joplin on Wednesday night and are collecting the following items they are in need of to take with us.


Kate (Kenny’s 20 year old sister) – Size 5 Pants (short length), Medium Shirts, Size 7 Shoes
Julia (Mom) – Size 10 Pants, Medium Shirts, Size 9 Shoes
Kenton (Dad) – Size 36×30 Pants, Large Shirts, Size 9.5 Shoes

In addition to basic clothes, items like pajamas, work boots, socks, rain boots or jackets, are appreciated.

Also, there is a need for day to day toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner, soap / body wash, makeup, tylenol / advil, towels / washcloths, etc. or items that will be helpful when working on clean-up efforts so things like work gloves, batteries, flashlights, bug spray, and sunscreen.

Beyond that, we have also been working with the local chapter of the Red Cross in Joplin and will also be carrying donations of items they’ve requested such as clothing (all sizes), blankets, duffle bags, sleeping bags, moving boxes (broken down so they can be transported easily) and non-perishable items. I would ask that the items donated be new or only very gently used. Since these folks will be starting completely over so we want to make sure that they are provided with items in a good condition and don’t come with stains, rips, or an obvious amount of previous use. We will also be purchasing water from nearby towns but didn’t want to use up the weight or space transporting those so any cash donations will be used on that.


All items can either be given to us directly or at one of the following locations:

Our house
Today – anytime / Tomorrow – anytime before 4PM
3608 B. Caldwell Court
Nashville, TN 37204

Vince’s house
Today – anytime / Tomorrow – anytime before 4PM
616 Hamilton Ave
Nashville, TN

Downtown Presbyterian Church – Church Office
Today – anytime before 6PM / Tomorrow 9-4PM
154 5th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37219

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Wave One Ends, Wave Three Begins!

This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make!

Wave 2 contestants of the Blog Challenge have been patiently waiting while I tried to make up my mind.

I have read and re-read the blog posts over and over and I have chosen 1 grand prize winner for 3 Month Cyber PR Campaign and 2 runners up for 6-week Cyber PR Campaigns!

I love the way all three winners embraced community and really leaned on each other in the Mastermind forum and supported each other through the whole contest!

The Grand Prize Winner is…. Kelly Carpenter

The First Prize Winners Are…. Todd Dunnigan & Darryl Gregory

The Second Prize Winner is… Fern Carver Michonski


(I’m sending you my Musicians Web 2.0 audio Bootcamp (not that you need it – you learned so much!  But I want to give you something as a Thank You!)

Neil Milton
Scott Krokoff
Annie Aronson from HobbyHorse
Stephen Frost
Stephen Carmichael
Atul Rana from DonkeyBox



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Date: Friday & Saturday, October 1 & 2, 2010, 10 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Location: S.I.R. – Nashville, TN

You think you’ve got it? This is your chance to find out if you really do! This workshop will engage you, challenge you, and give you the opportunity and tools you need to help you succeed in your career.

Discover the secrets these successful artists have learned from Tom Jackson’s Live Music Methods: Taylor Swift, Jars of Clay, Jordin Sparks, Casting Crowns, Francesca Battistelli, Gloriana, and many of the acts you admire!

Imagine 2 full days of classes and hands-on demonstrations that will make youand your music absolutely memorable!

Plus, you’ll have a chance to perform in front of Tom and other industry pros – gatekeepers who can provide an opportunity for you to be seen and heard. Tom is always looking for top talent to perform at events and on major tours. If you’re good enough andrecognized as a Top Performer you may even get the opportunity to work with:

  • a Grammy winning producer,
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