Cyber PR® Digital Press Conference – Episode 6 – Spring 2011

On April 20th, the Cyber PR office held its 6th annual Digital Press Conference, co-sponsored by Rive Video, at our HQ in Brooklyn! We rolled out the hors d’oeuvres (heck yeah I Googled that spelling), invited over a ton of Cyber PR artists, bloggers, internet radio DJs, and podcasters, and let the craziness ensue!

On the first floor, we had some fantastic acoustic performances from both Cyber PR and Rive Video artists. Rive Video provided the video recording, and Cyber PR handled the audio. Stay tuned for some awesome footage!

Here’s what the setlist looked like:

Annie Fitzgerald
Van Muller
Hotels & Highways
Susan Cattaneo
Traum Diggs
Renee Wahl
Rachel Brown
Argyle Johansen

While the performances were going on in the main workspace, guests from Jersey Beat, Everything Urban, Static Television, Indie Soup Runner, Hit Records TV, and Memoirs of a Party Girl schmoozed in the kitchen and back garden.

The second floor was the spot for call-ins and lots of interviews! Since there were internet radio stations and podcasters that wanted artist interviews but couldn’t come out, we had our artists call into the live shows of Bumpskey Internet Radio, Music on the Couch, and New Music Inferno! The couches hosted more recorded live interviews between artists and new media makers like Tym Moss of the Artists Exposed podcast.

Finally, video interviews were the thing on the third floor, with NY Rocks TV on the scene. Cyber PR artists also had the chance to come upstairs and talk about their experiences with us on camera. Musicians like Patrick of Hotels & Highways, Rachel Brown, and Deanna Reuben also shared some cool, insightful tips that they’ve picked up along the way and think every indie artist should know. Watch for those videos when they get posted!

All in all, the event was super fun and a super success! Everyone was networking, eating, laughing, and just enjoying the comfortable, friendly atmosphere. And who doesn’t want some business cards, invites to shows, and free CD’s?! We’ll see you out at the next one!

Check out the complete photo album here.