Our Music Success in Nine Weeks Contest is Coming Along Very Nicely!

This week we ran across some great national press that one of our participants has generated for themselves as a result of participating.


Congratulations to True North!



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New Media Pioneer: Michael “J” Jay of the Great Unknowns Podcast


Great Unknowns Presents is a music/talk show dedicated to spotlighting new music artists in the unsigned and independent industry. Each artist is interviewed for the spoken and written material to give you exclusive information about each music artist, because the audience deserves to know who they are listening too.
In conjunction to The Great Unknowns Presents is Great Unknowns Music Exposé. An online music magazine focused on featured interviews with the artists behind the music. Each artist is interviewed for the written material and published here. Each and every week, enjoy in-depth questions and unedited answers from the artists themselves.

Q) Tell us a little bit about your podcast. What inspired you to start it?

A) My podcast started as a hobby really. Originally, it was a class project for my journalism class. The podcast option was open to several ideas and I wanted to come up with something that would showcase my talent as a radio host, but also provide a service. Since radio is over done and played out by the “mainstream payola giants”, I wanted to feature artists that no one has heard of. If people had heard of these artists, I wanted to re-introduce these artists to other people. What started out as a mere college program turned into something much greater.
When I received an invite from Ariel Publicity and after I had won two prestige’s awards for best college podcast, I realized that this was more than just a project and I took it to the next level and I began to track my track statistics. With the help of Ariel Publicity, I began showcasing unsigned artists and I moved my show from a free podcast hosting site to a pay site for better quality and for more storage space. Since my very first show, I have been constantly improving my format and it has paid huge dividends and I created a huge following that went from 300 listeners per week to nearly 2,500 listeners per week. When I placed my podcast on iTunes, that was a major catalyst for the shows success and it has grown to a 40,000+ listening audience which is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. (more…)


The Musician’s Guide to Facebook Fan Pages

Ariel’s Top 7 Facebook Apps for Musicians

Do you have a fanpage but still not sure how to make it pop?

Here are six Apps that will set you on the right path, help you to stand out from the pack and keep your fans engaged and interested in you on a consistent basis. (more…)

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New Media Pioneer: Marc Gunn of The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

MARC GUNN, Award-Winning Celtic American Musician and Podcaster
Thank You for Listening to My Music –>
and the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast –>

Q) Tell us a little bit about your podcast. What initially inspired you to start it?

A) The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is a twice monthly podcast featuring mostly independent Celtic music from around the globe. It began with a fascination of the podcast as a promotional tool for my band and for Celtic music at large. It started out as an extension of my Celtic MP3s Music Magazine.  Eventually it surpassed the magazine in popularity. I started it with my own desire to promote my own unique stylings of Celtic and folk music. Yet it is ultimately about helping independent Celtic musicians gain a greater voice in a noisy world.

Artists signed to major or even smaller labels usually have a promotional team out there spreading the word for them. I get a ton of CDs from such labels as Compass Records, which does a great service for the Celtic music world. But bands like Poitin, The Tea Merchants, Ed Miller, Maidens IV, Athas, Bedlam Bards, and The Rogues don’t have the money or resources to notify all the Celtic media about their music. I see my role as a facilitator to get their music in front of people who want to hear it. And I’m happy to say that I do just that. (more…)


Music Success in Nine Weeks Blogging Contest – UPDATE

So far, the blogging contest is going GREAT! We have over 30 participants, and I’d like to highlight a few:

Icky’s Ego: http://ickysego.wordpress.com/ [They made a hilarious LA workout video]

Vikki Flawith: http://theshysinger-songwriter.blogspot.com/

Panache Orchestra: http://fiddlerchick.wordpress.com/ [The “Blogging about Blogging” post has funny photos]

Mona Sterlinghttp://monasterling.blogspot.com/

Brian Frankehttp://blogs.myspace.com/bdfranke [Good video blog]

Is there another contestant you think is doing a great job on their blog? Share in the comments!

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