Podcamp Philly ’08 was a blast this year. For those who are unaware of Podcamp, it is a BarCamp-style UnConference dedicated to podcasting, blogging, video blogging and all things New Media. This year Podcamp Philly was held on the wonderful campus of Temple University. I attended on behalf of Cyber PR. The day was quite dreary due to Hurrican Hanna, but nonetheless there were some excellent panels in store throughout the two-day conference. This year’s sessions focused a lot on emerging social networking sites such as Twitter & Plurk, and how they can be used as a business tool for companies. There was also an emphasis on building social communities, and podcasters were able to learn the basics and necessary tools they would need to begin their podcasts.

I was able to meet tons of awesome new podcasters. As well as those that we already work with everyday; we finally had the chance to meet face to face! This year we also held our Music & Podcasting Panel. It was a hit! We brought along two of our artists as well – KaiserCartel and Jim Boggia – who held musical performances at Podcamp. We would like to thank Jersey Todd, Jeff Hinz, Walt Ribiero, Mathew Ebel, Rob Blatt, KaiserCartel, and Jim Boggia for participating in the panel with us this year!

All photos from Podcamp Philly 08 can be found on our Flickr site at: